Brands Hatch Morgans

The Morgan sports car was created in 1909 in the Malvern hills. Motoring was in its infancy and the quiet, winding local roads provided an excellent test circuit for HFS Morgan to perfect his machine.

Morgans were originally 3-wheeled vehicles but, even in the very early years, they were associated with speed ‘nearly 60 miles in one hour’ by 1912. They progressed to 4-wheeled cars by the 1930’s, and today they are able to supply both 3 and 4-wheeled modern Morgans from their showroom in Borough Green.

Their lightweight construction and powerful engines (always borrowed from other marques) remain a feature today. After many years of traditional build methods (galvanised steel ladder chassis and sliding pillar suspension) in 2019 the Morgan Motor Company launched a brand new bonded aluminium platform, which is now the foundation of the current model line-up.

Still weighing around 1,000 kgs the latest 4-wheeled Morgans have BMW engines whilst the 3-wheeler is powered by a 2-litre S&S motorcycle engine. Despite this step into the 21st century these sports cars are still hand built by craftsmen using natural materials at the factory in Malvern Link, as they were in the 1900’s.

Whilst performance continues to be a key feature of Morgan driving the element that keeps it apart from many other cars is the sheer fun of it. Driving a Morgan is an engaging experience. It puts you in touch with real motoring again and whether you are idling about country lanes, touring the French Riviera, or on a race track the Morgan sports car is different. Nostalgia meets modernity, tradition and technology have combined to produce a unique driving experience.

Please feel free to visit their showroom in Borough Green. They not only have the range of current models available, but a selection of used cars and a wealth of information about Morgan. You can hire a Morgan for weddings, holidays, or just fun days out. They have a shop full of parts, accessories, and gift ideas.

They will be glad to welcome you Monday – Friday from 08:30 – 17:30 or Saturdays from 08:30 – 13:00. Please make contact before your visit so that they can be sure to accommodate you and your specific interest as best as they can. To arrange your visit, please speak to Sarah or Keith on 01732 882017 who will be very happy to help.

For more information on this partnership, please contact the LGC Marketing Department on 01474 875702.

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