Individual Memberships

Individual Memberships

7 Day Individual Membership

7 Day Individual Membership is open to golfers of 30 years and over. 7 Day Members can include a Junior under the age of 18 in their membership without any additional charges. Members in this category enjoy full use and access to all of the facilities on offer at London Golf Club.

5 Day Individual Membership

5 Day Individual Membership is open to golfers of 25 years and over, with the option of playing Monday to Friday or Sunday to Thursday. Members in this category enjoy full use and access to all of the facilities on offer at London Golf Club. If choosing to play Monday to Friday, 5 Day members may play either course on weekends providing they pay full visitor green fee. 5 Day members may use the clubhouse on weekends and attend any social event throughout the year.

Intermediate Membership

The intermediate category is for those players aged between 18 and 24 years of age, as of 1st April. Intermediate Members who progress from Junior Membership will not be liable for an Intermediate joining fee, nor will they be liable for the Full Individual Membership joining fee when they reach 30 years of age. Intermediate Members enjoy all of the same playing rights as 7 Day Members.

Intermediate 2 Membership

The Intermediate 2 Category is for players aged 25-29 years of age as of the 1st April. Intermediate 2 Members enjoy all the same playing rights as 7 Day Members.

Whether you are interested in membership for yourself or your company, we will be pleased to assist you with your enquiry. Speak with our friendly team and let us help you choose the best category to suit your needs.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership is available to the children of existing members who are under 18 years of age on the date of their application. Juniors are restricted to the times they may play on weekends and bank holidays, they will also have to achieve certain playing standards before they compete in Members’ competitions.

Family Membership

Family membership is available to couples and includes two children less than 18 years of age. Adults within this category enjoy the same rights and privileges as 7 Day members and their children will be regarded as Junior Members.

International Membership

This category is strictly limited to players who are non-resident in the UK and who spend no more than 90 days in any one year in this country. They must also be members of a recognised golf club in their home country. International Members are limited to 20 rounds of golf in any one year, with any rounds in excess of this liable for a visitors’ green fee payment. International Members will be enjoying the same playing rights as 7 Day Members and will be able to compete in club competitions.

Individual Memberships

We offer a range of individual memberships for individuals, including families, juniors, and those living internationally.

Social Membership

A social membership includes access to everything at the club apart from the golf. Members in this category can enjoy access to all events in the Club’s Social Calendar.

Corporate Membership

Our corporate memberships are available to corporate bodies, companies and partnerships.
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